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Wide White: A new poll; reflecting on the last poll results

Saturday, June 17, 2006

A new poll; reflecting on the last poll results

First, the results of my first attempt at a poll were pitiful.

No, the percentages weren't pitiful. They were...interesting, I guess. The number of people who voted was pitiful.


There are more people than that who read this blog everyday. But then, I suppose there aren't many people in this country who vote anyway. Even those who do vote don't know who they're voting for on most of the ballot. So I shouldn't expect anything less on this blog.

In fact, to highlight my point, I found out yesterday that a friend of mine doesn't know who Al Gore is. This individual admitted to only voting in presidential elections, but still...the former vice president of the United States for 8 years and the presidential candidate who received the most votes in 2000 and was part of a month-long election fiasco that dominated the headlines...and you don't know who the guy is!?!?

So I have a new poll. It's not political. It's for you, ____ (you know who you are), and those like you who, well, just don't care about the things that affect your lives every day.

Oh, final results on the previous poll.
Who would you vote for in Wisconsin's 8th Congressional District?

8th Congressional District? Where's that? 24% (8)

John Gard 32% (11)

I don't care for any of them 6% (2)

Terri McCormick 12% (4)

A Democrat 21% (7)

A third party candidate 6% (2)

34 votes total


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