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Wide White: November 2006

Monday, November 20, 2006

Why the news doesn't matter

When I started this blog, I was what you may call a news junkie. I didn't like to watch the news that much. I thought (and still think) cable news is ridiculous and largely consists of regurgitated information that is communicated because, well, you have 24 hours to fill up and you have to find something to say in that time.

However, I read the news religiously. I kept up on my Yahoo News,,, etc. Sometimes I'd browse other off-beat news sources like The Drudge Report. I used to love reading World Magazine.

Why doesn't it matter that much to me any more?

I still read scan the news. I think it's important to be informed. But how much does "the news" affect my life? I've realized that the answer is most definitely "not at all."

Current top stories on Fox and CNN include a bus crash that killed two, speculation on Iraq (because that's new...), speculation on Iran, a story on a former Russian spy in Britain who was poisoned, Kissinger's thoughts on Iraq, the seizure of 3 tons of cocaine from a submarine off Costa Rica, and the fact that the winning numbers in an Ohio lottery Saturday matched the score of the Ohio State-Michigan football game.

If you can find something in one of those stories that matters to you or me, let me know. I can't.

When it comes to where I'm spending my time, I know where I'd rather be. In front of the TV, buried in a newspaper, and surfing the web happen to be three of the last things I'd rather be doing.

I just can't justify hours of my life being sucked away in solitary absorption of information. If you can, I'd love to hear how.

Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm a fiance

As of yesterday, I’m officially engaged!

I know some of you want details. I’ll spare most of them from the blogosphere. I will say that I proposed at the top of the steps of the capitol building in St. Paul, MN. Jamie loves the capitol and it’s got a great view overlooking St. Paul. It helped that there’s no one there at 5:30 PM on a Sunday.

She knew it was coming at some point in the not-so-distant future, but somehow I still managed to really surprise her with it. No, we don’t have a wedding date set and probably won’t for another month or so. We have a goal, but that goal is contingent on the condition of Jamie’s dad. He’s improving, but he’s still got a long way to go.

Thanks to those of you who have been praying for him. Thanks also to those who have looked out for Jamie and me throughout our relationship. I know that you’ll continue to be there as we move forward together.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Updates on my girlfriend's dad

Jamie is leaving updates on her dad at her family's home church's website. We wrote the first update/summary last night (she talked, I typed). You can find this and all future updates on any medical news on Terry at

Thank you to all of you who have shown your support through prayers and encouragement. This has been very difficult for everyone in the family, but we rest assured that God is sovereign and is using this to advance His kingdom for His honor and glory.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Please pray

On his way to work yesterday my girlfriend's dad was in a serious car accident. Without going into detail, suffice it to say that he has an ankle injury that's bad enough to keep him off his left leg for three months and a head injury whose extent is unknown. He's currently in a medically-induced coma that he is expected to be in until at least Monday, when doctors want to try to bring him out of it.

I know many of you are already aware of this and are praying for him and the family, but I wanted to let those of you who are unaware know. Thank you for your support!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The blogging will continue until morale improves

That's the motto of Owen, whose blog was the first I read and soon became the first I read on a regular basis.

I'll maintain the blogging. Thanks to the four of you who've encouraged me to keep it up. Hopefully there are a few others out there who will benefit as well.

I finally looked up my representatives in public office where I live. Not good.

My state representative is Nora Slawik. She's a DFLer. (For you Wisconsinites, the DFL is the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party in Minnesota. It formed when the three parties merged years ago and they still haven't changed it to just plain old Democrat.)

My state senator is Charles W. Wiger. He's a DFLer.

My US Congresswoman is Betty McCollum. She's a DFLer.

One of my US Senators is Mark Dayton. He's a Democrat. (I'm not sure why he's a Democrat and McCollum is a DFLer. Whatever.)

The other US Senator is Norm Coleman. He's a Republican. He's a moderate - a converted Democrat and the former mayor of St. Paul - but I've liked what little I've seen of him. I certainly don't agree with him on everything, but he's better than any of the others.

Now, if I lived just half a mile down the road, I'd have a Republican State Representative, State Senator, and US Congressman.

Not that being a Republican inherently makes you better, but I feel like somehow we'd be off to a better start.


Looks like I've got my work cut out for me.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My apologies

I suppose I should start by apologizing to those who regularly check here for updates. I've garnered heat from a few people over my absence from the blogosphere, and deservedly so. I never did say that I was closing this down or that I was taking a hiatus. I just sort of quit posting for a while.

There are a number of reasons.

1. I have a new job. I don't suppose this is a completely valid excuse because I still have time in the evenings, but I'll use it anyway.
2. I moved to Minnesota. This left me in a bind, as not only was a lot of time taken up in moving, but now I have to wonder how what I write affects my blogging audience and if I should write to those who have been my audience for this past year. There are many more readers from Wisconsin here and I could easily continue following Wisconsin issues, but I don't live there anymore, so its pertinence to me isn't what it was. This has left me a little confused.
3. I have a girlfriend to whom I give a lot of my time. I value time with her much more than I value time on the blog. However, I should note that even she has made a comment or two about my lack of blogging.
4. I'm not really sure where I want to go with the blog. I began this blog as a political commentary. It has changed somewhat. As I've come to know many other bloggers and as people who I know personally read it, it's become somewhat personal. I never wanted a personal journal online and I don't feel it has become that, but I definitely write more about things that are personal to me than I do about politics.

Part of this is because I'm a big disenfranchised by politics at this point. It consumed my life for nine months of this year. Frankly, I left the field of politics with a lot of apathy. Fair or unfair, that's just how I've felt and still feel.

So, what do I blog about? Sometimes something personal comes to mind that I'd like to share. Sometimes it's thoughts on theology and the state of Christianity in the Greater Twin Cities, America, and the world. Sometimes it's a thought on something political. Is it fair to those who read this to bounce around from one topic to another? Or does a blog need to have a consistent theme to it?

These are some of the questions that I've been asking myself and lend to why I just haven't posted anything. I'm still considering whether or not to keep the blog up and if so, where to go with it. Until then, I'll do my best to keep up with the posting.

Oh, and thanks for reading.