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Thursday, May 19, 2011

What about another one?

I don't know if or when we'll have another child, but I've wondered what other people would think if we do. I suppose it's ultimately irrelevant, but here are a few hypothetical thoughts that I imagine others may have right now:

Thought: "They wanted a 3rd kid anyway, so I'm sure they'll still want to have a 3rd."
Response: We got our 3rd. The next one is our 4th. It's not the same and I don't know how to explain that to someone who only sees a home with 2 children.

Thought: "If they get pregnant right away, it'll be cool 'cause then they wouldn't have had that kid if they hadn't lost Kaylee."
Response: Having another son or daughter doesn't somehow make losing Kaylee more okay. There is no replacement for Kaylee. Another life doesn't offset her death.

Thought: "They probably don't want to get pregnant again because they're afraid of complications."
Response: While we're more keenly aware of how fragile a young life is, we have no medical reason to be concerned about complications and, perhaps strangely, it really is a non-issue in our minds.

I'm sure there are other things people think and if I were them, I'd probably be wondering some of those things too. Of course, I'd probably never actually ask those questions and neither would you. It's not polite! But if you're curious about any of our post-loss sentiments about this or anything else, here's your open invitation: ask away!



Anonymous Chet declared,

If they got pregnant again, I wonder if they would have triplets! And name them Buckley, Bobbi Jo, and Boris.

5/19/2011 8:49 AM  
Blogger kristi noser declared,

can you explain string theory?

5/19/2011 10:45 AM  
Blogger Joey declared,

I'll leave the string theory to Mr. Rankin.

5/22/2011 9:08 PM  

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