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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

29th Assembly wrap

I've had a few posts on the 29th Assembly seat (click here for a map), which is being vacated by Andy Lamb.

Isaac Weix of Elmwood was the first Republican to enter the race. He officially filed May 11.

John Murtha of Baldwin was next. He filed June 7th.

Rob Stafsholt of New Richmond is the last to declare. According to the State Elections Board (page 20), he has yet to officially file. However, I've spoken with him and he's definitely serious about the race and is putting together an organization.

Regarding occupations, here's what I know at this point. Weix owns some kind of a hardware and appliance store in Elmwood (T&S Hardware, if I'm not mistaken). I believe he is co-owner with his brother. He also served in Iraq with the Marines. Murtha owns Murtha Sanitation in Baldwin and is apparently a member of a big local band that's been around for a while. Stafsholt works for St. Croix Financial Services. I believe he also has a 1100-acre cash crop hobby farm (he did as of two years ago, anyway, based on what he said on page 34 here).

I've spoken with both Weix and Stafsholt and by the end of the week should have the opportunity for meet Murtha. I'll be working with all three of them until the primary, so don't expect any endorsement from me. (I should note that when this post was written, Weix was the only announced candidate.) I also have complete contact info on all three candidates, so if you'd like to get in touch with them, just let me know.

According to the State Elections Board, the only two announced Democratic candidates are Craig Mohn of Woodville and Kerry Kittel of New Richmond. I know little of either. I've seen Mohn and I know that he ran in 2004 for the same seat as a Libertarian. His dad was the Democratic assemblyman for the 29th back in the 70's. Kittel is a teacher who I'm told took a leave of absence to run for this seat. I'm not sure if that leave was paid or not, though I could certainly speculate. Anything else I know about him would be on his website, which you can find here. (I do know that he says "principal" where it should say "principle" and says "of" where it should be "off." Wouldn't normally care that much, but the guy's a teacher....)

I should note that Kittel's "Issues" page is worthless. It says next to nothing about where he stands. Just a bunch of broad, general statements. Most telling was this sentence: "A well-educated society produces a higher tax base." Of course! Educate people so we can tax them! I love the logic....

There's my summary of the 29th Assembly seat, for what it's worth.


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