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Wide White: So the ACLU isn't for free speech...

Sunday, June 18, 2006

So the ACLU isn't for free speech...

But then, who am I kidding to think they are?
The valedictorian of Foothill High, Brittany McComb, decided to share her faith voluntarily at her graduation cermony. However, before she could get to the part that meant the most to her, Christ, her microphone went dead. Her speech was in no way endorsed by her school, however the school directly participated in censoring her free speech.
You can read the rest of it here from Freedom Folks.

I really liked what the girl had to say about the whole thing.
“I went through four years of school at Foothill and they taught me logic and they taught me freedom of speech,” McComb said. “God’s the biggest part of my life. Just like other valedictorians thank their parents, I wanted to thank my Lord and Savior.”
Thank God we have options other than public school.


Blogger Jim Coughlin declared,

She was going to abuse her opportunity to speak to her fellow graduates by promoting a particular religion during an official school activity. If she feels her freedom of speech rights were violated, she should file a lawsuit. I don't think her right to free speech overrides the governments responsibility to not promote religion. She's perfectly within her rights to pray. But not to promote in an official role. Same goes if the valedictorian is a Moslem, a Scientologist or an Atheist. If she does have that right, then does a teacher have the right to preach to their students?

6/23/2006 1:22 PM  
Blogger Joey declared,

She wasn't abusing anything. She was telling people how she got to where she was. It's like she said herself, if God is the biggest part of her life, how can she not thank Him?

By the way, last I checked she was in the process of filing a lawsuit. Also, it makes no sense that she could pray but not say what she wanted to say. She's not promoting an official role, whatever that means. She's thanking the One who got her where she is today. She's not a teacher and she wasn't preaching. She was trying to say who got her where she is. There's a huge difference.

6/23/2006 1:30 PM  

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