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Why Obama's birth certificate doesn't matter

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Wide White: Why Obama's birth certificate doesn't matter

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why Obama's birth certificate doesn't matter

Image courtesy of Mediaite & many other sources

Donald Trump is making a big deal out of President Barack Obama's birth certificate. As of July 2009, just 42% of Republicans believe Obama was born in the U.S. And Trump isn't the only doubter. Big shots like Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, and Mike Huckabee have raised doubts concerning Obama's citizenship.

There are a few reasons I think the debate is ridiculous. First, his birth certificate has been released. Second, both the Honolulu Advertiser and Honolulu Star-Bulletin both printed birth notices at the time of Obama's birth. Those notices were routinely sent to the papers by the Hawaii Department of Health and they listed his parents' Hawaiian address.

Image courtesy of the Honolulu Advertiser

But I came across the best argument for why this debate is ridiculous when channel-surfing on the radio the other day. I came across Jason Lewis on KTLK. I'm not a talk radio guy but I have friends who like Lewis so I stuck around a bit to see what they're listening to. Lewis noted that even if Obama weren't a citizen and is removed from office, Joe Biden, whose policies hardly differ from Obama's, will take his place. He noted that the debate has to be about political issues and this doesn't fit into that category.

If you don't believe Obama was born in America, that's your right. I don't get it, but I don't have to. But let's make whatever debate is happening be about the issues. A debate about the issues just doesn't include Obama's birth certificate.



Blogger Keithslady declared,

I'm with you on this one, 100%. And for what it's worth I believe he was born in Hawaii.

4/14/2011 7:47 AM  

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