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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dan Rather back in the game

But this time he has "has limited exposure, available on some cable and satellite services that offer high-definition programming." HDNet, to be specific, which is owned by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

In explaining the difference between his role in HDNet and CBS, Rather offered some very comforting words:
The "difference here is the chain of command begins and ends with me."
Rather will produce the program, which will be up to an hour long, and be its host. He said he will have creative and editorial control.
But thank goodness Rather corrects the error in the brain of every American.
"Yes, I'm biased. I've got a very strong bias toward independent journalism," he said.
Whatever Dan. Just, whatever.


Blogger Chris declared,

Just think how bad his old wrinkled face is going to look in HD lol the makeup people cannot make young people look good in HD Dan is going to look like the crypt keeper BwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


7/12/2006 8:30 PM  
Blogger Joey declared,

I know, it's a good thing I don't have a HD TV. That's got to be the scariest sight!

7/13/2006 7:22 AM  

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