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Saturday, July 08, 2006

94% of Americans don't dig World Cup

Hey Matt, this guy has the answer to why America doesn't dig the World Cup.

(His name is Pat Sajak, and he's one of my favorites in the blogosphere. His post on the World Cup is currently at the top of "Sajak Says," which means a month from now it may have moved...he doesn't have a permalink for it yet.)


Blogger Matt declared,

I have heard several of those same complaints in conversations during the last month. It's true that soccer will never be an American past-time (sadly) but the sport itself is...perfect. I wouldn't mind seeing changes in the way it is played, especially here in the U.S. Hey, I can't help it if Americans would rather watch fat guys in tight pants!

7/11/2006 3:07 PM  
Blogger dana in the desert declared,

Ooooh, I hate football... I even hate words associated with football- fat guys in tight pants- SICK!

7/11/2006 7:30 PM  
Anonymous swurtz declared,

football players--- Get beat up, knocked down, Concussions, Paralyzed, Heat strokes, torn ligaments and at leased there not wearing shorts that mimick mini skirts... J.K.

7/12/2006 9:05 PM  

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