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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Ultrasound photos

I thought I'd post some ultrasound photos in case you're interested in seeing what we've seen of our daughter.

The 3 on the left are from our first ultrasound on Tuesday, February 22nd. The 3 on the right are from the level 2 ultrasound on Wednesday, February 23rd.

Click the image to enlarge and then zoom in to see it full size.

Here's a summary of each slide:

Top left: Internal organs.

Middle left: Head profile. (You're looking at her right side and she's facing up.)

Bottom left: Doctor's notes from our first visit summarizing his findings.

Top right: Lower legs below her knees.

Middle right: Left arm.

Bottom right: Head profile. (Same angle as the middle left photo, though zoomed in more.)

These photos are tough for me. In a way they're precious. They're the only visible image I have of my daughter.

And yet they show so clearly what's going on inside of her. The middle right photo shows a puffy arm that's visibly swollen with fluid. The middle left photo shows the sac of fluid behind her head, known as a cerebral hygroma. The top left photo shows the fluid buildup around her organs. (For those not familiar with ultrasounds, anything dark is fluid. While the dark space surrounding her is normal amniotic fluid, anything dark inside of her is fluid buildup. For example, in the middle left photo, the large dark space behind her head - or underneath it as you're looking at the photo - is the cerebral hygroma, a mass of fluid that is larger than her head.)

Starting this afternoon we'll have weekly ultrasounds. We're excited to see our little girl again. Our expectation is that we will find no changes. However, I think we both have a tiny spark in the back of our minds that's hoping this has all been a mistake, that the ugliness of the last 9 days will be wiped away and we'll go home with a clean bill of health for Kaylee Hope.

Until then though, we'll treasure the moments we have watching her move around on that ultrasound screen.



Blogger Keithslady declared,

I love being able to see her adorable profile in the bottom right picture. She's beautiful! And I'm not just saying that. Do you remember when we got an ultrasound picture of one of your little brothers and someone said, "I sure hope it's a boy, because no girl deserves to be that ugly."? Well, he was a boy, and he really was ugly, just like the ultrasound picture showed! Kaylee Hope really is beautiful.

3/03/2011 8:49 AM  
Blogger Kara Jo declared,

LOVE being able to see pictures of your beautiful Kaylee Hope! What a gift she is.

3/03/2011 9:23 AM  
Anonymous Brent and Lisa declared,

Hi Joey, It is a blessing to us to be taken along with you on this journey via your blog. We continue to bring all of you up in our prayers weekly. Brent & Lisa

3/04/2011 7:10 AM  
Blogger Mrs Marcos declared,

The profile pic gave me chills, such a beautiful little girl. She is so lucky to have you and Jamie as her parents.

Thinking of you, praying for all of you, and raiding my wardrobe for purple in honor of ms. Kaylee Hope.

3/06/2011 4:57 PM  

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