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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Given the choice, which path would you choose?

I have a cousin who talks about giving her children choices that aren't really choices because it makes them feel like they still get to make the decision. For example, "Do you want to go to bed now or in 5 minutes?" Or even better, "Do you want Dad or Mom to take you to bed?" The result in both of these scenarios is the same regardless of which choice the child makes but there are fewer fights or protests of "I don't want to!"

Well, this reminded me of that cousin. (Sorry Keelie! Trust me, happier things remind me of you too...)


I wrote and scheduled this post over a month ago. I'm writing now with our news of Kaylee Hope and there's a strange irony to this post. We feel that so many of our decisions are like this. Regardless of which choice we make with our little girl, the end result is painful.

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Blogger Keelie declared,

Quite hilarious. I laughed out loud!:)

Hopefully our end result is more pleasant!:)

2/27/2011 8:18 AM  

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