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Memorial service details for Kaylee Hope

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Memorial service details for Kaylee Hope

For those interested in remembering our little girl and honoring and celebrating the life of Kaylee Hope with us, we will be having a memorial service. I still need to work with the pastors at our church to finalize details and will provide updates if any changes are made to our current plan, but here's our current plan:

Date: Saturday, March 19th
Time: 1:00 PM
Where: Hope Community Church, 707 10th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55404
Parking: See below
Who's invited? EVERYONE! If Kaylee Hope has touched your life or you simply want to support us in this way, please join us! It doesn't matter if you're our closest blood relative or we've never met you before. We want to share this time with you. Children are welcome!

There is no dress code. Of course, if you're able to wear purple, that's awesome! I'm expecting everything from blue jeans and a Vikings jersey (if that's all the purple you have in your wardrobe, I will attempt to look past it) to suits and ties.

The map below shows the lots available for parking at Sunday morning church services. Please use the L-shaped lot directly adjacent to the church (enter from 7th St.). This is normally a paid lot that the church rents on Sundays but Allied Parking is providing it to us at no cost on Saturday. If we somehow fill up both lots directly adjacent to the church you have 2 options. You can park for free just down the block at 7th and 11th or in the ramp across 7th St. from the church (marked as "overflow" below) for $2.50. I can't imagine we'll actually fill up the lots adjacent to the church but want to put those options out there just to be safe.

We've had some requests about how people can help with the service. I'm sure there will be things for people to do both before and after the service, such as helping with any food or decorations. I don't have many details yet on what we need for this but I plan to post them as I have them.

We have no expectations of people to come but of course would love to share this moment with as many of you as possible.

Thank you for your love for our family. We are honored and humbled.



Blogger dixychic1 declared,

I just want to say thank you for allowing me to be a part of honoring your little girl. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. I will keep checking for what your needs are before, during, or after the service. Again, thank you!!

-Stephanie (cousin)...I deleted the other one 'cuz I forgot to put who I was ;)

3/11/2011 6:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous declared,

I won't be able to attend the memorial service for Kaylee Hope, but your family will be in my thoughts. I will be wearing purple today.
Susan Adkins

3/12/2011 5:07 AM  

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