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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Why I continue supporting the war

It's letters like this one from the La Crosse Tribune that keep me supporting the war in Iraq, despite the difficulties we're facing.
Support us troops, not the terrorists

By TODD ANDERSON / Tomah, Wis.

Speaking as a soldier serving in Northern Iraq, I believe that we are truly doing a great thing here in helping to establish a stable government and military force able to protect themselves. I work with members of the Iraqi Army every day, and they are glad we are here to train them.

We have become their “brothers.” The majority of Iraqi civilians that we pass in the streets are glad we are here. They wave to us and are very friendly. Sure, I miss my family and wish I was back home, but I don’t want to leave here before our job is finished and we can truly say we have done all we can.

When we sign on as soldiers, we agree to take the risk. It is our job. What we need from U.S. citizens are your prayers and support for us, for our government and for the new Iraqi government. If you don’t want to support us, then one of your rights as a U.S. citizen is to leave our country; but don’t give support to the terrorists by denouncing what we are doing as wrong.

To leave Iraq too early would be like a fireman leaving a burning building before the fire is completely out. The flames would rekindle and totally destroy the building. Let’s make sure the “fire” is put out for good this time before we leave.


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