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Wide White: What the internet has done for me lately

Monday, March 28, 2011

What the internet has done for me lately

Last week I noted that we had a $600 travel voucher from a friend that expired yesterday. I asked for suggestions from all of you for where we should go and here's what I got:

(If it's in italics and underlined, we've been there together; if it's just underlined, we've each been there separately; if it's in bold, I've been there but Jamie hasn't.)

Savannah, GA (4x)
New York, NY (3x)
Washington, DC (3x)
Hilton Head, SC (2x)
Charleston, SC (2x)
Orlando, FL (2x)
California (2x)
Florida (2x)
Charlotte, NC
Roswell, NM
Yakima, WA
St. Louis, MO
Cheyenne, WY
Hot Springs, AR
Napa, CA
Chattanooga, TN
Whidbey Island, WA
Boston, MA
Maui, HI
Rhinelander, WI
New Orleans, LA
Bar Harbor, ME
Grand Canyon, AZ
Newport, RI
Grand Cayman
Aspen, CO

This is a great list and it was great to see which destinations were most popular. We even got an invitation to stay with some friends of my brother's in Savannah!

We ended up surprising ourselves and going with a destination that wasn't on anyone's list (unless you include the generic "California"): San Diego.

We've each been there but not together. Flights and hotels are reasonable and it's warm, which was a KEY factor.

My mom offered to watch our kids for us so we booked the trip for April and then got a hotel room through Priceline.

A few minutes after I booked the trip I realized we had tickets to The Civil Wars in Minneapolis on the first day of the trip. They're in town the day before as well so we could still see them but I needed to sell the tickets I'd purchased already.

I posted an ad on Craigslist at 7:52 PM last night. At 8:28 the tickets were sold. It took all of 36 minutes on a Sunday night to sell my tickets.

To recap, in the last 4 days the internet has delivered:
  • An email with a travel voucher
  • 27 ideas for where to use that travel voucher
  • A hotel
  • A buyer for our unusable concert tickets
  • New concert tickets on a day we could go
  • Daily updates from Wide White
(Okay, so the last one was lame.)

What has the internet done for you lately?

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Anonymous Kandi declared,

Wait, wait, wait - back the truck up. TWO of my suggestions were on your list, in plain text, so neither of you had been there! I have to win SOME kind of prize for that.
Do you need my address so you can mail my prize?

3/28/2011 9:39 AM  
Blogger Priscilla declared,

Excellent choice. It will be such a relaxing place. I love San Diego!

3/28/2011 12:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous declared,

Stay at the Hotel del Cornado.

Where love is in the air and your loins burn with passion.


3/28/2011 5:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous declared,


I was never very good at speling


3/28/2011 5:27 PM  

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