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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

What not to do when running for office

It's election day. First and foremost, VOTE!

Second, if you're going to bother to run for office - especially any seat that will send you to a state capitol - build a reasonably competent campaign website.

This means you will have tabs. These should contain, at a minimum, an "About" page with your personal and professional background, an "Issues" page with your positions on key issues, and pages for donating, volunteering, and contacting you. You could use "Donate," "Volunteer," or "Contact Us." It's not very tough. You may even want to include a "Media" page with endorsements, ads, editorials, etc.

If you're looking for examples of what NOT to do, look no further than Matt Borup, who's hoping to be elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly out of Hudson.

This webpage was accessed 11/1/10. That's right, 1 day before the election.

You may notice there are no tabs. That's because this page is the only page on the campaign website.

More amazing is the quote at the bottom of the page:
Our page is still under construction. Come back soon for our events calendar and campaign news.

His opponent, Hudson mayor Dean Knudson, simply obliterates him on the web.

I have a pretty good feeling Knudson will obliterate Borup in the polls too.

Websites matter. They reflect your campaign. Put at least an hour into yours.



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