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Yellow lights bringing multiple generations together

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Monday, October 04, 2010

Yellow lights bringing multiple generations together

You're driving 55 MPH, coming up on a green light. "Please stay green, please stay green..."

Of course, what seems like 90% of the time (but is really 10% of the time), the light turns yellow.

What do you do?

I figured I had enough time to hit the brakes, but going 55 MPH, I was reluctant. Besides, I figured the light would stay yellow long enough for me to make it through the intersection before it turned red. Helping the case I was making for this being the right decision, there was a car driving the same speed next to me in the right lane. I checked my peripheral vision and thought I saw the car begin to slow. But then, just as quickly, it inched forward and kept pace with me.

That's it. If the car next to me is going for it, so am I!

As we both cruised through the yellow light, I wondered if the driver next to me had gone through a similar thought process. I looked to the right with a grin/smile/smirk on my face. Just as I turned to look at her, a 75-year-old lady turned her head to look at me and a big grin spread across her face.




Blogger Kara Jo declared,

Ha! That's a hoot!

10/04/2010 8:19 AM  
Anonymous Chet declared,

Haha, that's pretty good.

That's the kind of stuff that belongs on blogs I think. Random bits that are funny or insightful yet don't hurt others or easily turn into gossip/rumors...

10/04/2010 12:16 PM  
Anonymous Bill Roehl declared,

Doesn't turn into gossip? Ha! Joey thinks I shared this on Twitter because I thought it was cool but in all honesty I did it so that everyone would know he purposefully runs the caution and happily entices old ladies to follow suit.

Evil bastard.

10/04/2010 12:33 PM  

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