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Friday, September 03, 2010

Hi, my name is J

A name tag that said my name was "j" would look ridiculous.

Yet for reasons I don't understand, a number of people in the professional business world sign their business emails with a single initial, often lowercase.

At first glance, this says a few things to me.

  1. You're too lazy to type.
  2. You think you're important enough to own the letter of your first initial.
  3. You're writing from a smartphone (though with a 4- or 5-letter name, you can just revert to 1.).

I really couldn't care less that people use one initial or, in extreme cases of over-exertion, their first AND last initial. I just find it odd.

If you're only going to type a letter, why type anything at all? What are you really communicating by typing that letter that you aren't communicating if you don't sign off with anything at all? Ending your email with "###" would really serve the same purpose if you ask me.

But you didn't ask me and you probably couldn't care less. Thanks for hearing me out anyway.



Blogger Lisa declared,

Well said!

9/06/2010 2:38 PM  
Blogger Lisa declared,

Hi! This is Lisa. (wink, wink)

In thinking on it a bit more, the single letter is a way of providing closure (so you know the sender sent everything they meant to send and you received everything he/she meant to send) to an e-mail/text/communication without the redundancy of typing one's whole name since the whole name usually appears in the "from" column in e-mail, or on a return address label for that matter. The time it saves is minimal and the letter could just as easily be replaced with a series of symbols.

Another thought is that some people probably do it because they think it's cool or because they just like it...and so much is done on that line of reasoning that it would take quite a long time to pinpoint everything in that class. This is a fun one to analyze though.

I dislike the single letter because it bugs me that they don't put their whole name, but that's prideful...and because I think I'm cool. ;-)

Lisa Joy Andersen

9/06/2010 3:15 PM  
Blogger kristi noser declared,

I always sign my emails with a single lower case initial. Hehheh.

9/13/2010 4:24 AM  
Blogger Joey declared,

Lisa, I love that you signed your post with your full name. And of course, Kristi uses the initials...figures. ;)

I really don't care that much, I just find it odd that people do it and wonder why that instead of at least a first name.

9/14/2010 3:29 PM  

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