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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Sleeping alone

Saturday night marked the first time in over 3.5 years of marriage that I've slept in an empty house. The only other nights I've spent without Jamie have been a few short business trips.

It was odd having an empty bed at home, though sleeping sprawled across the bed was pretty awesome.

It made me consider why it took us this long to have a night apart for a reason other than work travel. I know a number of other couples who are frequently separated for a night or two at a time as they each do their own thing.

The simple truth is I really like my wife! And yes, I mean "like," not just "love." My mom once told me that you don't have to like your family, but you do have to love them. It just makes it a lot easier to love them when you like them too. I suppose that's true of your spouse too.

I'd rather be with her than without her. She's fun, mischievous, happy, likable, thoughtful, and beautiful. Who wouldn't want to spend all of their time with someone like that!?!

And for the haters, it's not cheesy or sappy to like being with your wife. The people who think it is seem to be those who stick to some stupid "bros before hoes" mantra. Or they're just people with marriages that suck.

Well, my marriage doesn't suck, my wife isn't a hoe, and she comes before all of my bros. Always.

Oh yeah, and I prefer to fall asleep with her by my side.

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Anonymous dustin. declared,

I very much agree. Yes, its nice to sprawl out on the bed, but its much more nice to have my wife by my side. Also, my wife is much like yours...not a hoe. and she comes way before bros (sorry, bro)

10/05/2010 7:56 AM  
Anonymous Bill Roehl declared,

I like the idea of being away from my wife in theory so I get all excited to go camping or on road trips with friends and then, at night, I remember that I do not like not sleeping next to my wife. Why do I forget? No idea.

But back to Saturday. You had the opportunity to snuggle with two other dudes and two dogs but you chose your bed--like a wimp--so none of this I couldn't have been cuddled up with someone nonsense ;)

10/05/2010 8:07 AM  
Blogger Kara Jo declared,

Glad to hear it. :)

10/05/2010 8:11 AM  
Blogger watchman declared,

When my wife is not around, I sleep with my dog. Don't tell her that, please. The problem with sleeping with that mutt, is there are some awkward spooning moments.


10/05/2010 9:34 AM  

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