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Why do we always turn to the federal government?!?

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Wide White: Why do we always turn to the federal government?!?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Why do we always turn to the federal government?!?

I just can't figure out why the city of Burnsville needs to turn to a federal grant to fight crime in our own city, especially given the fact that we're dumping craploads of money into a failed performing arts center.
Burnsville Police Chief Bob Hawkins' excitement over having the city's Street Crimes Unit reinstated after a one-year absence is tempered by the fact Burnsville's crime rate is on the rise.

The two-officer unit primarily will focus on illegal drugs and the crimes typically associated with their sale and use. Statistics through August show criminal incidents involving narcotics are up 31 percent in Burnsville from a year ago.

Hawkins believes the loss of the Street Crimes Unit contributed to that increase. Budget cuts led to the department last summer eliminating the unit, which was formed in 2005.
Ok, bad that crime is on the rise, good that they're doing something about it, right?

But here's what irks me.
A $292,280 federal grant will keep the unit active through 2011.
Really? We have to turn to the federal government to keep our city police department fully staffed?!?

Apparently, things haven't been looking very good for us.
"What concerns me is that nationally the numbers for drug-related crimes are down," Hawkins said. "Minneapolis' numbers are the lowest they have ever had, yet ours are creeping up."

Overall, crime is up 8 percent in the city, including a 23 percent increase in juvenile arrests. Hawkins believes the bad economy has played a role in the rise in crime.
Mayor and city council, can we PLEASE start putting dollars into keeping our city safe rather than keeping our city entertained???


Blogger mrclm declared,

Unrelated to your thread, but from your comment on my blog:

Thanks for the comment Joey. I'd like a Quad Core without a doubt, but as you discovered, they are few and far between at this point. I have been editing our video on my wife's HP with a Core 2 Duo and it has done OK with it. Slow to render after I work on it though, about 45 minutes of processing for a 25 minute video. So I can only imagine how slow the HD might go.

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