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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Hello sister!

This is crazy.
A brother and sister in England spent 40 years trying to find each other — then discovered they lived only 300 yards apart.

Ken Whitty, 64, walked past 62-year-old Yvonne’s house countless times and even saw her in the garden, but did not recognize her.

They were reunited only after Whitty wrote to his local paper appealing for help in his search.

Soon after his letter was published, he got a phone call saying: "Hello, this is Yvonne."

The pair spent their early years in Ordsall, Greater Manchester.

They were still kids when their parents died and were cared for by a family friend.

They lost touch after leaving home and starting their own families.

Later, they tried to trace each other — then Whitty, wrote to the paper last month.

When Yvonne called, it turned out she was living 300 yards from him in Reddish, Greater Manchester.

Ken, who moved to Reddish in 2002, said: "I couldn’t believe it. I shot round to see her."

Yvonne said: "It’s so nice to see Ken again. It’s overwhelming."


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