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Friday, March 07, 2008

Name your kid after Brett Favre. Or both of them.

This doesn't strike me as being a good decision.
Twins go by 'Brett' and 'Favre'

It may be the end of the Brett Favre era in Titletown, but for Brett and Favre Kinsaul of Palatka, Fla., life has just begun.

The twins' parents, David and Emily Kinsaul, agreed when they married that they would name any sons after the legendary Packers' quarterback.

But they didn't know they'd have twin boys the first time around. Or that Favre would retire days after their birth.

"I was hoping we'd have at least one year of him still playing," David said. The twins were born Feb. 22. The Packers confirmed Favre's retirement Tuesday.

"The last couple years it's come up year after year, but this year everyone seemed to think he'd come back."

Not that his retirement would have changed the Kinsauls' plans to name any boys after his hero.

"Oh no, they'd still be named after him," he said.

David Kinsaul is a relatively new member of the Favre fan club.

He grew up in Florida and moved to Madison in about 2000. He lived in Wisconsin for about three and a half years, and during that time didn't consider himself much of a Packers fan. But when he moved to Houston, and then back to Florida in 2005, he discovered he had some green and gold in his blood after all.

"I missed it terribly," he said. "There's a whole culture up there, watching the games and being interested in the Packers. I just really missed it.

"And I loved watching Brett play. You could just really tell he loved the game, and he was fun to watch."

Kinsaul and his wife subscribed to satellite TV so they could watch Packers games, and he started reading about the history of the Packers and Lambeau Field. When he and his wife discussed marriage, they agreed on the names Brett and Favre for boys. His wife isn't a super fan, but adopted the Packers because of him, David Kinsaul said.

So when they found out they were expecting twins, the names were set. Brett Aaron was born at 7:55 a.m.; Favre Moses made his entrance at 7:56 a.m.

The names weren't revealed to friends and family until the boys were born, David Kinsaul said.

"They were a little surprised," he said. "They really liked the name Brett. They weren't so sure about Favre.

"They didn't have a problem with Favre personally, they just weren't sure about that for a name. But now it's grown on him."

Kinsaul made sure Favre's name is correctly spelled on the birth certificate and insurance papers. He hopes someday his sons might be football players like Favre.

Kinsaul never made it to Lambeau Field during his time in Wisconsin, but intends to bring the boys for a visit to the Packers' holy ground when they're older. And he plans to tell them plenty about their namesake.

"Brett is just so excellent at what he does, and yet he's extremely human," David Kinsaul said. "He's had so many things he's gone through personally and he's still gone so far."
What really boggles me even more is they obviously want to call Favre by his first name. If they didn't, they would have given him a middle name of Aaron, but instead they give Brett a normal first AND middle name and they name the other kid Favre Moses. The kid can't even use his middle name if he wanted to! Who do you think got the shaft?

I love the Packers and I love Brett Favre, but if I were Brett Favre I'd be groaning right now.

Hat tip: my wife


Blogger kristi noser declared,

Farve isn't the only one groaning.

3/07/2008 12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous declared,

Pretty tall honor if you ask me.
Why would he groan? Did anyone name their kids after you? I didn't think so.

3/08/2008 3:20 PM  
Blogger Joey declared,

It's one thing to name your kid "Brett" after Brett Favre. But Favre? That's bordering on lunacy, and no, I wouldn't be honored.

3/09/2008 10:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous declared,

Well, David Kinsaul is my ex-husband and if u ask me his WIFE is a push-over. I would've never allowed him to name my son Favre. And the Moses name, he had that planned even while we were married (i was the reason he moved to Wisconsin) i can understand that one. But he used to HATE the packers with a vengence (we both did) and ALWAYS rooted for the Buccaneers. Why now is he such a huge a Packer's fan? Regardless, the babies are adorable and look like David.

6/07/2008 10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous declared,

By the way, typical David thing to do :) That's why we were in love-we both loved doing things to shock people.

6/07/2008 11:01 AM  

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