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Wide White: No Republican love for Norm Coleman

Thursday, March 06, 2008

No Republican love for Norm Coleman

According to a disgruntled Hutchinson resident, the people over in the McLeod County Republican Party aren't happy with Norm.
From Gary A. Glaser

I just attended the McLeod County Republican Convention in Silver Lake, and I regret to report that a “dark cloud” seems to be descending over the McLeod Republicans. The first thing I heard about at the convention was a vendetta by some of their leaders and followers against Republican Sen. Norm Coleman. These people seemed to be looking for ways to not endorse Coleman.
I'm sparing you the rest of his letter to the editor because it's not worth reading. The guy has bad grammar, rambles, and has trouble stringing together a coherent argument. I have no way of knowing if he's even a Republican or just went so he could write a letter ripping on them.

Regardless, if his point about their lack of support for Coleman is true, I wonder how this will affect him in November. Coleman is more liberal than McCain is and if people think McCain will have problems with conservatives, how much more is Coleman going to have problems?

Personally, I think Coleman will win, but he's got his work cut out for him. I don't see a lot of blogospheric love for the guy.


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