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Wide White: Our safety doesn't matter

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Our safety doesn't matter

Not to Michigan Sen. Carl Levin, anyway.

He's blocking the appointment of veteran federal prosecutor Kenneth Wainstein to the Justice Department's new anti-terrorism division.

Forget the fact that Democrat after Democrat has come out in support of Wainstein. Forget the fact that both chairmen of the 9/11 commission - one a Republican and one a Democrat - have insisted that it's critical to get him in place. Forget the fact that the anti-terrorism division can't move forward until Wainstein's appointment is approved. Forget the fact that we are less safe with this appointment pending than we would be if it were passed.

Forget all of that. Carl Levin has a political game to play!

I don't always despise political gimmicks. Like them or not, I can understand them. They're pretty much just a part of politics. They always have been.

But compromising the safety of Americans in exchange for those political gimmicks? That's outrageous.

I'll be the biggest fan of whoever is running against Carl Levin in his next reelection bid. Michiganders deserve much better.


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