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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Garfield sums it up

I love Garfield. It's my daily dose of humor.

Today's edition is very fitting.

Okay, so my mom didn't exactly faint. Did she?


Blogger Reegz declared,

I know who it is!

8/26/2006 9:24 PM  
Blogger keithslady declared,

Faint? No way. I only do, I guess never. And I certainly wouldn't faint when I heard GOOD news. Besides, I knew you had a girlfriend before you did. Just like the time when I knew you did NOT have a girlfriend before you did.

8/27/2006 3:26 PM  
Anonymous Aunt Kari declared,

I like your girlfriend very much! But remember...after October...Grandma can't be right?! :) I LOVE YOU!

8/28/2006 6:56 PM  
Blogger NoOtherName declared,

I INTRODUCED THEM (shameless bragging)!!!

Oh, and I know you've already talked to her parents, Joey, but there's a short questionnaire WE have for you. Should only take 3-5 hours to complete. #2 pencil only, please. Bring a lunch.

8/29/2006 4:43 PM  
Blogger Joey declared,

Can she just fill it out? She should know the answers already....

8/29/2006 4:49 PM  
Blogger kristi noser declared,

Let's all do it! That would be interesting.

8/29/2006 6:17 PM  
Blogger NoOtherName declared,

No way, Jose! We want to see how you do under pressure. She is our girl, you know. Expect to be drilled.

8/29/2006 9:10 PM  
Blogger Joey declared,

Yeah, yeah, I know...she's your girl, I'm the intruder here...alright, grill away...

8/30/2006 8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous declared,

Just can't pass this one up...
Not an intruder a friend and relax you have already passed!

8/30/2006 10:17 AM  
Blogger Joey declared,

Wow, thanks Farf! I'll take that for a "first from farf" comment any day!

8/30/2006 10:10 PM  
Anonymous cbass declared,

this is so exciting! it's like watching a movie with popcorn, or watching my little bro find love!!

When do we get to see a sweetheart picture of you two on the blog?

8/31/2006 6:12 PM  
Blogger Joey declared,

Did cbass just use the "l" word?

As far as a picture goes, it's probably not going to hit the blog (not a fan of blogs that turn into living diaries), but I do have one that I might consider releasing.

8/31/2006 6:16 PM  

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