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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The typical NCAA day one damage...

...didn't happen to me this year.


I've never done it before (last year I was 14/16) and I know it won't happen tomorrow. But for now, I'm relishing.

I'm the only person in my office pool with a 16/16 record. I was 6/84 last year at this point, but quickly dropped. I'm at 1/107 right now.

And Western Kentucky has now come through for me two years running. Love those Hilltoppers!


Blogger Keelie declared,

Yeah, well, I'm not so happy with W. Kentucky. They came through for you and Corey both and I had Illinois going on one more time, so I'm really out of some points!!!:/ I've gotta go update my bracket though and see how I'm doing. I could not make it to the end last night!

3/20/2009 7:26 AM  

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