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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Round 2 damage

Well, I'm hanging in there, but not by much.

Day 2 of round 2: 5/8

Sweet 16: 12/16

Elite Eight: 8/8

(I'm ignoring the aforementioned online entry mistake in my numbers, though those numbers will begin to impact my overall office pool rankings if Louisville wins the next two games. Those are the only games affected though and it looks like they would only really impact my score against one opponent.)

Office pool standings: 16/107

Critical wins needed to have a prayer at winning my office pool:

1. Final Four with Pittsburgh, Memphis, and UNC, with UNC beating Memphis in the championship game.
2. Duke beating Villanova (this is arguably the most critical)
3. Syracuse beating Oklahoma
4. Louisville losing either of the next two games (preferably the first, though that's unlikely against Arizona)

Yes, the fourth will hurt my real bracket, but since I screwed up my office pool, I need it to happen.

Oh, and my South bracket is perfect. Other than the Marquette/Missouri game, my West bracket is also perfect.

Jamie's Sweet 16: 11/16

Jamie's Elite 8: 7/8 (Arizona State is her lone dropout)


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