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Wide White: MN joins WI in teen driving restrictions

Monday, April 28, 2008

MN joins WI in teen driving restrictions

Wisconsin's laws took effect the year I began driving. Sure, it's a pain to deal with, but it lasts less than a year and with the distractions that exist in driving (many of which aren't recognized or acknowledged as existing by teens), I this is great and I hope it passes.
Minnesota Senate OKs restrictions on teen drivers

To reduce teen traffic deaths, the Minnesota Senate today joined a drive to restrict the times teens can drive and the number of passengers they can ferry.
The Senate gave preliminary approval to legislation that would bar teen drivers from getting behind the wheel between midnight and 5 a.m. during the first six months they have their licenses, except to go to work or school or when accompanied by an adult driver. They also couldn't give rides to more than one teenage passenger who is not a sibling.

For the next six months, they couldn't transport more than three teenagers who are not family members.

The bill appears likely to become law. The House passed similar legislation last week, and Gov. Tim Pawlenty supports it.


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