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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blatant Reuters bias

My dad emailed me earlier today to say how interesting he thought it was that the media never mentions that fallen NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer is a Democrat, while they couldn't get enough of the fact that Idaho Sen. Larry Craig is a Republican.

I decided to put his theory to the test and went to Reuters (I didn't want to pay for the AP's archives and Reuters' archives are free). I randomly searched for 5 Larry Craig articles related directly to his scandal and 5 Eliot Spitzer articles related directly to his scandal.

Here's what I found.

Larry Craig

Article 1 - "Republican" is the first word
Article 2 - "Republican" in the second sentence
Article 3 - "Republican" is the first word
Article 4 - "Republican" in the second sentence
Article 5 - "Republican" is the first word

Eliot Spitzer

Article 1 - "Democrat" in the 3rd sentence
Article 2 - "Democrat" is not in the story
Article 3 - "Democrat" is not in the story
Article 4 - "Democrat" is in the 8th sentence
Article 5 - "Democrat" is not in the story

Obviously my search is not exhaustive. However, it's also not very far off. I scanned through a number of other articles on Spitzer and couldn't find ONE article with "Democrat" any earlier than the second sentence. However, I don't think I found one article on Larry Craig that failed to mention he's a Republican.

If you have a good argument for why this is okay and that this doesn't help prove media bias, I'm all ears.


Blogger -V- declared,

Joey - I believe this is worthy of wider research and publication. You'd have a lot of enemies and opposition to publication, but a time is coming, I think, when it will be ever increasingly important for people who have ears to hear to understand the media bent and its power...

3/15/2008 11:57 AM  
Blogger Joey declared,

I agree V. Seems like I've seen research on this before. I wish I had the time to track it down...

3/19/2008 9:46 PM  

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