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Wide White: Barack hypocrisy?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Barack hypocrisy?

I just came across an interesting story that I think is worth posting. Barack's years of support for his pastor are very concerning to me and are only contributing to my opinion that he is more beatable than Hillary. I absolutely don't believe that he had no knowledge of his pastor's teachings and his church's positions. When you consider someone to be part of your family, you know them inside and out.
Obama demanded Lott resignation

WASHINGTON – While Sen. Barack Obama said he couldn't throw over his friend and pastor of 20 years for racially charged and divisive hate speech, he had no trouble calling for the head of Sen. Trent Lott, the Republican Senate majority leader, for embracing a colleague with a segregationist past on his 100th birthday.

On Dec. 12, 2002, Obama, then serving as an Illinois state senator and filling in as host of the Cliff Kelley radio show on WVON, challenged the Republican Party to demand Lott's resignation.

"It seems to be that we can forgive a 100-year-old senator for some of the indiscretion of his youth, but, what is more difficult to forgive is the current president of the U.S. Senate (Lott) suggesting we had been better off if we had followed a segregationist path in this country after all of the battles and fights for civil rights and all the work that we still have to do," said Obama.

He added: "The Republican Party itself has to drive out Trent Lott. If they have to stand for something, they have to stand up and say this is not the person we want representing our party."

Eight days later, Lott of Mississippi stepped down as majority leader – not president of the Senate.
I just can't see what it is about him that would make him a good president. I've tried and will continue to try, but I've gone from rather passively opposing him for his political views to more strongly opposing him for his character.


Blogger -V- declared,

Have you read his book, "The Audacity of Hope"?? The chapter on 'Faith': hmmm... I have to say, my intensity of concern about Hillary shifted/re-directed a little in reading it. I don't even think the President MUST be a Christian... but if you're going to call yourself a Christian...

Anyway, I won't rant. But I'm with you here.

3/24/2008 7:04 PM  

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