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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How much do NFL practice squad players make?

That's probably not a question that most people wonder about, but I did.

Any time I hear about a guy who makes an NFL team "off the practice squad," I picture a guy toiling away, barely making a living, and then suddenly hitting the big time.

I did a bit of Googling and came across a very different picture. Wikipedia and provided the following summary:
The minimum salary from 2008-2010 is $5,200 per week for 17 weeks, or $88,400 per season, in comparison to the NFL minimum rookie salary of $285,000. (Some practice squad players are paid considerably more, however. In 2006, the New England Patriots paid third-year player Billy Yates the full $425,000 he would have earned on the active roster.)

Season 06-07 $4,700/week
Season 08-10 $5,200/week

From Article XXXIV, Section 3 of the NFL collective bargaining agreement.
So next time you feel bad for the guy who "only" made the practice squad, don't worry. He's doing just fine.



Anonymous Chet declared,

NFL Practice Squad here I come! :)

11/17/2010 9:17 AM  

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