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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jesus wants the rose

I'm not by nature a loving, gracious person. I embrace the individualism that's so strong in America. In general, you get what you deserve.

That's why more than any other book, speech or sermon, this clip from Matt Chandler impacts my view of who Jesus is.

This drives at what's so rampant in my natural way of thinking. I don't see the grace and forgiveness of Jesus so much as I see the ugliness in the sin that exists.

I firmly believe every Christian would be better off watching this clip.

If you aren't familiar with Matt Chandler, he's a guy who became a Christian through a college football teammate, became a pastor, and is now fighting for his life against brain cancer. It's worth your time to listen to what he has to say.



Blogger Keithslady declared,

I've seen this before and just love it! Thanks for bringing it up again.

10/19/2010 9:48 AM  
Anonymous Dustin declared,

thank you for posting this. A truth I needed to be reminded of on a regular basis.

10/19/2010 10:17 AM  
Anonymous Bryant Smythe declared,

Wow, you have me checking out more of his videos. Thanks man.

11/01/2010 12:45 PM  

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