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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Persistence does not always pay off

A financial representative from Northwestern Mutual called me last January trying to sell me life insurance or any other financial products he thought I may need.

I told him that we were already in the final stages of getting a new policy through Thrivent Financial and that we were happy with that policy. He was a little pushy, using the by-the-book tactic of, "Does this Friday work for lunch?" I said it didn't. He proceeded to offer a few more dates that I said didn't work before I had to put my foot down and say that nothing worked because I wasn't interested. I even left a follow-up voicemail a couple of days later for him confirming once and for all that we were happy with our current policy and didn't want to switch.

For the next year, he kept calling. I always knew it was him because it was the same number on my caller ID. He called my work line every time. I have no idea how he got my work number since it isn't published anywhere. He told me that he was a friend of a guy that I went to college with. I don't know how that was supposed to help since I wasn't very close to that guy. I even followed up with that college guy - a guy who definitely wouldn't have had my work number - and he said he'd never given him my information either, though he did have a policy with him.

I thought that with starting a new job two and a half weeks ago I was in the clear. Marcus would no longer be contacting me since there's no way he'd have my new work number!

I was wrong.

Last week, I got another call from him. Once again, I ignored the call.

Today, I got another call from him. This time I picked up, said, "Stop calling me," and hung up.

I'm hoping the message stuck this time around...


Anonymous Bill Roehl declared,

Ouch. You're quite a bit nicer than I am. Lucky for him.

1/27/2010 6:38 PM  
Blogger Wendy declared,

I hear you on the pushy life insurance folks.

Be careful with Thrivent, you really have to make sure you know what you are getting into with them.

But they do have TONS of resources for parents: books, planning things, medical books, etc. that are benefits of being with Thrivent.

1/27/2010 6:58 PM  
Blogger Joey declared,

Yes, I am too nice. I even cringed as I hung up the phone despite the fact that I only said 3 little words and then hung up. I'm a wuss. I hate feeling like I'm mean to people. I mean, really, this guy's probably just trying to make a buck in his first job out of college. I'm just not good fodder for his business.

Wendy, what's the dirt on Thrivent? We just have 30-year term policies for both of us and a long-term disability policy on me. It seems fairly straight forward and I can't imagine much going haywire with it. I did a lot of research before going with them and they got great reviews from what I could tell. Oddly enough, Northwestern Mutual seems to get pretty good reviews too, at least for their investments. I don't know as much about their insurance products. I do know that regardless of the company, I have absolutely no intention of ever buying a whole life policy. I went down that road once and realized my mistake a year later. Never again, no matter how smooth the sales pitch.

1/27/2010 7:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous declared,

Laughing, laughing, laughing. I remember hearing part of this during your visit - funny to hear the ending (hopefully!).

Katie W.

1/28/2010 6:29 AM  

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