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A huge indictment on Burnsville's public water works

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Monday, December 07, 2009

A huge indictment on Burnsville's public water works

It doesn't get much more indicting than this.
City temporarily shuts down water interconnect from Burnsville

The city of Savage temporarily shut down its water interconnect with the city of Burnsville last week.

Savage Public Works Director John Powell said the decision to close the interconnect was made so that the city can measure the “before” and “after” quality of the city’s water supply. Residents in Savage have complained about odor and taste since the interconnect with Burnsville was opened in August and also about a film being deposited on dishes after they are run through the dishwasher. Powell said the city has received about 70 calls from residents.
If Savage doesn't want to drink our water, why would we?!?

I've noticed a distinct difference since the change. When I lived in Oakdale the water was as bad as a bathtub. We couldn't wash our dishes in the dishwasher because of the film that was left on them. If we filled the bathtub, gritty residue was left behind. Serious filtration was the only option for using our water.

I sure hope Burnsville isn't headed down that path. We loved the water here when we moved and haven't used our filter since moving. The price I pay for water has increased roughly 25% in the last 2 years here and the quality has decreased. Does that make sense to you?


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