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Thursday, August 03, 2006

The big rigged memo

This just might call for an "I told you so."

Just over a week ago I declared my skepticism over the memo that supposedly revealed that Big Dig supervisors had been told the bolts that have now given way and killed one motorist were weak. My skepticism centered around the whole journalistic frenzy over these supposed memos that come out of nowhere.

Now, it looks like that memo may have been falsified.


Blogger mrclm declared,

Thanks for visiting my blog, and thanks for the link! I really do hope I get the job in Wisconsin. We'll have to make some tough choices about where to live if I do I suppose. Likely would sell our house, but not sure where we would move to. Ideally it would be to the community I'd be working in, but we have to balance that with where my wife will be working. It will be a very interesting next few months!

Big Chris
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8/03/2006 11:13 PM  

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