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Wide White: They'd have to do what?!?

Saturday, April 29, 2006

They'd have to do what?!?

I read this story because I love birds of prey. They're just fascinating, and a story about one nesting in a populated area intrigued me.
She's back. Bird watchers have noted the return of an osprey that created a stir last year while nesting with her chicks near the top of a light pole at Irondale High School's football field.
The nest was moved to a platform atop a pole near the athletic field, and experts determined that it was high enough above the lights to remain safe and that athletic events and an artificial-turf installation project wouldn't disturb the birds.
Then I read this:
Disturbing nesting migratory birds, such as ospreys, violates federal law. If the birds had been stressed, the school could have been forced to delay the artificial-turf project or halt some sporting events until the birds left the nest in the fall.
So, a bird moves into your area - a heavily populated area (Twin Cities metro) - and you have to halt what you're doing so you don't disturb the peace for the bird? It's not like there wasn't anywhere else for the bird to go.

But this makes the story even more incredulous:
In 1984, efforts were made to restore a nesting osprey population to the Twin Cities. The project has been successful, with the osprey population growing to 47 nests in 20 years.
So, they're intentionally bringing osprey to a heavily populated area with around 2 million people. Then, when the osprey actually come like they're supposed to, those 2 million people have to stop doing what they're doing?

Why am I confused?

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