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Wide White: Racist politicos

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Racist politicos

Democrats, Republicans, and - leading the charge - the media, have lambasted the Bush administration over the last few days because port security for six US ports has been sold by a British company to a tiny Arab country in the Middle East: the United Arab Emerates (also known as UAE).

What's racist about the complaining? They're assuming that by turning control of the security of a port over to Arabs, we're succumbing to terrorism. They're assuming that all Arabs are terrorists, or at least have the potential for terrorism.

I don't know who the actual employees in these security operations are. I'd assume many are Americans, but I don't know. I'd prefer that the company under contract be an American company. But to argue that the UAE shouldn't control our port security simply because they're Arab is racist.

The UAE already controls port security in many other countries. They're experienced at it. Additionally, this is a $7 billion investment in the United States that they're making. Why would they have any interest in bombing a country in which they have an enormous investment?

The Democrats, media, and many Republicans have insisted that we be tolerant of these Muslim countries since that will, of course, bring peace. I wouldn't exactly call their response to this latest development tolerant.

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