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Wide White: They waited too long?

Monday, February 13, 2006

They waited too long?

Cheney is now in the doghouse with the media (I know, you're shocked) over something the media takes very personally: how fast the information reached the media.

That's right. People aren't upset about the fact that Cheney was shooting a gun. At least that's not the big issue. The issue is that the American public didn't know immediately!

Bush Knew Saturday About Hunting Accident

WASHINGTON - President Bush knew Saturday evening that Vice President Dick Cheney had accidentally shot a hunting companion, but the information wasn't made public until the next day by a private citizen the White House said Monday.
The White House did not inform the national media of the accident....

The media does not have a right to be informed. They have a right to search for and find information, but they don't have the right to receive all information they decide is (or was) interesting.



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