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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You have twins? I have a question...

Our twins are 4 months old now. I'm sure the general public will find more questions to ask us, but here are a few of the better ones that we've been asked, followed by the snarky answers I give in my head.

In case you've forgotten, it's important to note that we have one boy and one girl.

Q1: Is it two boys?
A1: Yes, it is. We're dressing the one in pink because he told us he's gay and requested more flavor in his wardrobe.

Q2: [After being told it's a boy and a girl.] Are they identical?
A2: Blank stare.

Q3: Oh, they're so cute! Do you get stopped a lot when you're out in public?
A3: Hey Jamie, someone else finally noticed them!

Q4: [To my wife halfway through the pregnancy.] So, because you're having twins, does that mean you'll get bigger?
A4: Nope, we're just keeping them malnourished so it'll look like we're only having one.

There are really only two ways to communicate verbally:

1. Think, speak
2. Speak, think

For the love of everyone with twins, please, please general public, try to think before you speak. We're more than happy to show off our children, but please do what you can to make that a little easier on us all.

Or, continue to baffle and entertain us with your questions.

(And seriously, I was warned but am still amazed at how often I'm asked if my boy/girl twins are identical. It's at least once a week.)

If you want to read what other twins parents hear in public, check out Jamie's December post on stupid questions.


Anonymous Bill Roehl declared,

Q: Does having twins, especially one that you were told is gay, make you have a better sense of humor?

A: Apparently.


6/23/2010 6:34 AM  

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