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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stop honking!!

You've all seen the demonstrators' signs.

"Honk if you love peace!"


"Honk if you support our troops!"

And of course, people honk...and honk...and honk.

Here in Burnsville, police are doing something about it and the ACLU isn't too happy about it.
Burnsville Man Ticketed While 'Honking for Peace'

A nuisance or freedom of speech? A Burnsville man says he got a ticket for honking too much during the weekly ‘Honk for Peace’ event.

Burnsville Police says they started getting complaints about the Thursday event and began taking photographs of the scene at Burnsville Parkway and Nicolette Avenue.
One of the group members snapped pictures of police taking pictures of them and passed them along to the American Civil Liberties Union.

"Having two officers standing out taking photographs you is incredibly chilling," said Teresa Nelson with the group.

Police say their cameras caught one driver honking more than 50 times.

"We certainly don't mean to be chilling. I can see that's one interpretation of us. We're just trying to document accurately what's going down," explained Police Cpt. Eric Gieseke.
No, that's not chilling, it's responding to public complaints because guess who the police serve? That's right, the public!

A guy blaring his horn for a solid 20 seconds as he passes through the intersection is dangerous and a pretty significant nuisance. The police action has nothing to do with politics, but don't tell that to the ACLU...they'll find a way to make it political.


Anonymous Pretend Hero declared,

Thats an interesting take on it, but I wonder why the same police are not out taking pictures of the folks at North River Hills Park who are known to carry weapons to thier soccer games, or at the library where people are basically using the facility as a flop house? Why are violent crimes increasing quickly, yet our police are worrying about photographing PEACE protesters?

7/15/2009 1:42 PM  
Blogger Joey declared,

Um, it's perfectly legal to carry a weapon. It's not legal to honk so as to cause a distraction. Additionally, that corner has a cafe with outdoor seating. I don't imagine the patrons are real happy about the honking, not to mention the fact that a honk is supposed to be used as a warning to another driver.

Once again, the police were responding to complaints from the community. The photos were being taken in case they needed additional proof for any tickets issued. No, the Burnsville Police Department has not turned into Big Brother...

7/15/2009 1:46 PM  

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