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Friday, April 07, 2006

Immigration? Who cares...

The Senate immigration bill was just killed - or tabled at the least.

My response: who cares?

I don't care too much what we do with the illegal aliens already here. There are 12 million of them. Who really believes we can go on a manhunt, round them all up, and send them back?

But here's my real beef. Even if we are able to round them up and send them back, how are we supposed to prevent them from coming back unless we have real border security???

Our immigration problem starts with border security. What good is it to send back 12 million people who will be able to just cross again?

Once we've secured out borders, we can begin to talk about those who are here illegally. Until then, I'm not interested in talking about it.



Anonymous L Bee declared,


Security Shmecurity

Take away the freebies from the Illegals (welfare checks, WIC, Free School etc) and the *illegals* from far and wide will leave U.S. in droves.

Take away the freebies (Welfare checks, WIC, etc.) from U.S. citizens able to work, and they will fill 75% of the jobs that the illegals are currently doing. Than we can warmly welcome immigrants to do the balence of work required.

If illegal immagrants are not fed, clothed and educated on the backs of the taxpayers their motivation to enter illegally will evaporate.

If this approach were taken, our border forces would more easily be able to do their job at current staffing levels.

Lastly, business would be more likely to work within the bounds of hiring laws if they were not taxed to death for the benefits illegals recieve, they would happily devote the savings to wages and benefits, with money to spare for shareholder profit.

4/07/2006 2:16 PM  
Blogger Joey declared,

I agree with your point that we need to eliminate illegals from qualifying for government freebies. But I still don't think that will solve anything.

Many of the 12 million illegals here are single and are sending money back to Mexico. US dollars provide Mexico with their second-highest source of money (I believe oil production is first).

The reality is that the motivation for illegals is not what our taxpayers give them. It's the money they make in the private sector. Sure, many of them eventually have children and just stay in the US. But taking away their government perks won't stop them from what they're really coming here for: money.

I agree that we shouldn't give them freebies. I agree that businesses pay way, way, way too much in taxes. But I just don't see illegal immigrants high-tailing it out of here because all of a sudden, "What? You mean I don't qualify for welfare and WIC? I'm going back to Mexico for all of the opportunities down there!"

4/07/2006 3:24 PM  
Anonymous L Bee declared,


You missed the second part :)

If we eliminate give aways for U.S. citizens too, those pushed off the dole will fill a good amount of the jobs the immagrants currently fill, and employers will have to provide legal compensation for citizens.. a win win.

Aliens who have no give aways 1) and fewer jobs due to Americans getting off the duff to actually work 2) will solve the border problem....

With those two pillars in place. Business and America may happily welcome immagrants to fill what ever else needs filling.

Yes and Amen!

4/07/2006 8:33 PM  
Blogger Joey declared,

You're right. I didn't address that argument in my response, and you're absolutely right. We definitely need serious welfare reform (first and foremost, time limits restricting how long someone can be on welfare).

4/08/2006 10:46 AM  

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