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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Bullies beware of Christians (in 30 years)

I have a list of radio stations programmed into my car that's too long and varied to ask anyone to understand. My wife and I have a wide array of tastes that are in somewhat constant change and conflict.

While trying to find a station last night I came across 98.5 KTIS, a Christian station. It's not one I frequent for reasons I'll leave for another time.

Between songs, the DJ launched into one of KTIS's famous feel-good moments. This one left me even more baffled than usual.
"Do you remember high school? Maybe you were picked on and told that you were less than perfect?

"Well, just think about what those people will look like at your 30-year reunion."

[Intro slowly builds for the next song, You're Beautiful]
Wait, what? I wish I could find a recording of it so I could be sure I remember it correctly, although I was pulling into my garage and wrote it down right away, so I think it's pretty accurate.

Now, the fact that they're referring to a 30-year high school reunion shows KTIS's target audience. They may be broadcast by a college, but they quit catering to college kids a long time ago. This isn't a problem, it's just an observation and helps explain why most young people I know roll their eyes at KTIS more than they actually listen to it.

But more importantly, I couldn't believe the point being made here! It's like they were saying, "It really hurt to be picked on in high school, but Jesus loves you and thinks you're beautiful and guess what? You're going to show them! You're going to be the only one who's happy and smiling and beautiful! All of the Jesus-haters will have awful lives and yours will be great!"

Okay, so that may be a step too far, but not by much.

I often find that Christians - especially on Christian radio - make the Christian life out to be something that provides an easy, simple answer to every problem. Those who don't follow the Christian life will live miserable lives because they don't have all of the answers.

Listen, I believe in the power of Christ to change lives. I think those who put their trust in Christ are better off than those who don't for multiple reasons.

But sticking it to your high school bullies is not one of those reasons. I don't think that those who don't believe in Jesus are by default unhappy, self-centered, mean people whose failure to follow Jesus will prove to render them the lowest of the low at the 30-year reunion.

And even if I did believe that, stating it so carelessly on the radio seems like a sure way to get rid of every listener you may have who doesn't believe in Jesus.

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Blogger Reuben declared,

I gained an appreciation for Christian radio while I was an LDS missionary back in 2000-2002. We weren't allowed to listen to any music at all that wasn't on the "aproved list" of (boring) Mormon artists. I was defiantly listening to Christian Radio. Of course, in hindsight, the idea of rebellion via Christian Radio is ridiculous, and strongly indicates that I was a total dweeb.

At any rate. I still enjoy Christian radio. I think it's mostly because they tend to play more music than other stations, and the ads are more bearable than the KDWB garbage. The down side of Christian radio is that I tend to find some of the songs (and hosts) emotionally manipulative.

Although, nothing is quite as emotionally manipulative than that f-ing christmas shoes song that gets played non-stop during December on the country stations.

2/01/2011 9:51 AM  
Anonymous Bill Roehl declared,

Facebook has cured my curiosity of what those who picked on me in HS are currently like well in advance of my 30th reunion.

Facebook hates Christians.

2/01/2011 9:59 AM  
Blogger rachel declared,

Not a KTIS fan here. Too many moments like the one you mentioned in this post and too many cheesy songs played too repeatedly.

Seriously don't know how they get by with some of the stuff they say. Can we just call it a feel-good station instead of a Christian station?

2/01/2011 9:46 PM  
Blogger Joey declared,

Reuben, I'm with you on the down side of Christian radio. I also don't really understand various factions of Christianity being against Christian radio. I understand personal preferences in music, but not outright banning it.

I'm pretty much with Rachel on KTIS in particular. Lots of cheesy songs on repeat, lots of encouragement to feel good, not much of the gospel.

2/03/2011 1:08 PM  

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